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 ITEM # TBS001

I love a massive table like this!  As shown, this is a dining room table almost five feet wide and ten feet long.  We often have thick planks like this of many different species of wood.  They can be supported by any leg style you choose and ‘almost’ an infinite choice of sizes.  Generally rectangular in shape although, we often have large slabs like this which are roundish or oblong.  There is also the possibility of our finding a “roundish” burl with extreme figuring.  Call and talk with our dealer!  No obligation, just talk about what you are thinking of.

As shown this table is constructed of twin book matched Cotton Wood slabs, approximately 130 inches by 60 inches and 30 inches high.

This one of our more expensive selections because of it’s size.  However, through an associate supplier, many more exotic woods are available.  Call us to discuss your need, no obligation.